Produkte von Vorn Norway

Vorn Norway

Die norwegische Firma Vorn produziert hochwertige Rucksäcke in Stavanger. Wir sind das erste Mal bei einer Motorradreise in Norwegen auf die Firma aufmerksam geworden und verfolgen seitdem die Entwicklung. Das sagt die Firma Vorn zu seiner Historie:

Vorn Equipment’s history goes back to 2009 when founder Eirik Andersen was out hunting in the Norwegian mountains. After a long day skiing with his rifle hanging by a sling around his neck, he went home to search for a better way of carrying his rifle. None of the existing solutions on the market satisfied his needs. Being a product developer by trade, it didn’t take him long until the first QRR-prototype was ready for testing.

After 3 years of numerous prototypes, extensive field testing and refining the system - the first backpack was ready for the market under the name Vorn Equipment. Vorn means “defence” in the old Norse language. Since the launch in 2012 Vorn has grown steadily and is now, with over 30.000 backpacks sold, known for its innovative high-quality backpacks.

Vorn Equipment is based out of Stavanger, Norway.

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