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Die Firma A-Tec wurde 1999 von Herrn Anders E. Johansen in Norwegen gegründet. Herr Johansen hat zu Beginn die Schalldämpfer in seiner eigenen Garage hergestellt und das immer unter der Prämisse die besten Schalldämpfer zu bauen.

Was sagt die Firma A-TEC über sich selbst:

A-TEC was founded in 1999 by Anders E. Johansen in Norway. With no more than a dedicated interest,  Anders started developing and producing improved silencers in his garage.

Anders noticed early on that the existing technology and construction were obsolete.  He achieved major improvements in performance, weight, construction and design – and the birth of a new silencer era was set.

From manufacturing silencers in his garage for hunters in Norway the sucessful company is now located in a top modern factory of 600 sqm. A-TEC provides professional management and employees who manufacture more than 20 000 silencers to a market ranging from the Northern Europe all the way to South-Africa.

The factory

  • 600 sqm
  • 8 multiaxial CNC machines
  • SIC laser marking equipped
  • Gunsmith shop
  • Production capacity: 80.000 silencers
  • Potential to grow 1/3 in existing premises
  • Custom bullet production
  • Research and development in closed quarters
  • 10 full- and part-time workers
  • Own unique logistic software developed to give instant overview over stock, production planning and sales.

Research & Development

Since the very beginning, A-TEC has acknowledged the importance of quality time and resources in research and development in order to stay ahead of competitors. This has positioned A-TEC as a leading brand in Europe.In the last two years A-TEC invested 1.2 million Euro in R&D and redefined silencer geometry. We are using the know-how gained from this investment to extend the boundaries of silencer technology. (Quelle:

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